• Profit from Intelligence.

  • Wisdom begins with Wonder.

    It is not enough to know what will happen,
    we must venture beyond to seek out — Why?

  • Strength.
    And Guidance.

    We believe that knowledge without action is aimless.
    And action without knowledge is fruitless.

    Successfully measuring massive mountains of unstructured data
    is only the first step in a much grander journey.

  • Solving for Success.

    Our team of data scientists and C-suite domain experts consistently exceed the market in accuracy, clarity, and certainty. We provide you with full-scale
    actionable insights, so that you can take confident, decisive steps
    towards achieving your business goals.

  • Amateurs seek Luck.
    Professionals see Causality.

    Our artificial intelligence technology dynamically learns acutely complex patterns
    to find unpercievable causal relationships hidden within a boundless system of
    billions of unorganized, moving data points.

    In other words, we precisely identify
    Cause. And Effect.

  • Tomorrow, comes Today.

    We build bleeding-edge data-driven scenario simulation systems
    that categorically boost your business performance —

    accurately forecasting the future market results of your properties;
    assuredly driving your Marketing, Sales, and Distribution strategies;
    and successfully powering your product development —

    to generate consistent, lucrative returns on your investments.

  • Blue Sky Scenario.

    We create products with purpose.
    Optix: Vision™ intelligently guides you to your best possible outcome,
    with deep applications across a vast multitude of vertical markets:

    Consumer Packaged Goods
    Credit Risk
    Entertainment Media
    Travel & Leisure
    Real Estate

    New Eyes. New Landscapes.

  • The Future is What We Make It.

    Our Mission
    is to achieve an informed, total understanding of our ever-expansive world,
    to give you the superior foresight that you need to

    Seek your Fortune,
    and Determine your Future.

Who We Are

Optix Group is a private, vertically integrated Big Data company that builds innovative Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science powered products & services for enterprise and consumer markets.

We create centralized scalable solutions with advanced Big Data Mining & Dynamic Modeling tools that are custom designed to achieve growth through profitable Transaction.

Optix Group’s initial product offering is a fully integrated Peer-to-Peer, Insurtech service provider — that utilizes Blockchain technology to automatically execute Insurance Smart Contracts that are risk optimized and feature hassle-free, expedited claim redemption.

Our technology is developed by an accomplished team of data scientist PhDs and experienced C-level industry executives; financed by Yale University.

Wisdom begins with Wonder.
The name of our company, Optix, is a playful nod to the word Optics — the branch of physics that deals with the phenomena of both visible and invisible light; and with vision.

Our mission is to help you see further in time — by building innovative, scientific tools that bring to light what is both visible and invisible in Big Data. Just as a telescope enables you to peer into the vast darkness of space, far beyond what your eye can see, we create technology that allows you to effectively grasp your data, accurately predict your future, and take decisive actionable steps towards profit generating Transaction.

Optix Group is an integrated Big Data firm that is positioned at the interesection of Data Analysis and Business Development. We go beyond a pure data science play. We are a soup-to-nuts data aggregation, processing, and transaction company — that builds fully integrated, vertical value chains.

Our Technology

Successfully deciphering a market is increasingly difficult due to the ever growing signal-to-noise ratios within Big Data. Traditional methods are essentially ineffective because they do not enable you with the agility nor comprehension necessary to quickly make strong, critical decisions.

At Optix Group, we solve this problem by building powerful, bleeding-edge, artificial intelligence technology — that employs the most advanced innovations in machine learning; quantitative analysis; statistical modeling; and artificial neural networks. We provide our strategic partners with a comprehensive set of scalable solutions that: de-risk investments; reduce costs; drive product development & delivery; forecast market demand & sales; determine dynamic pricing; create guided analytics; optimize resource allocations; grow consumer bases; and generate dynamic data-driven marketing strategies.

Our technology digs through massive mountains of unstructured Big Data to dynamically learn complex patterns and pinpoint the hidden causal relationships across a boundless system of billions of unorganized, moving parts. 

The Optix Advantage
Our technology stack fully meets state-of-the-art industry standards in Big Data and
Data Science. That said, we believe that real problem solving requires much more than sophisticated system architecture.

Our key differentiator — and the reason why we consistently exceed industry standards in performance — is creativity.

Our team of accomplished Data Scientists and C-level executive domain experts have spent years in our lab developing original, innovative methodologies that efficiently identify unique data, and create one-of-a-kind models around them.

We purposefully do not use off-the-shelf models, but instead, we systemically build from the ground up — highly tailored, domain specific, proprietary models to deliver extremely rare value that is customized specifically to your needs.

We invest in innovation. And simply put, you cannot find results like ours anywhere else. 


Optix: InSight™

Know exactly what will happen.

InSight keeps you on target, by taking Real-World Big Data
and instantly processing it into Real-Time Results.

We constantly track Billions of moving Data points to quickly deliver your forecasts in a flash;
with Speed, Agility, and Scale.

Optix: VISION™

See precisely what is possible.

VISION intelligently guides you to your most profitable outcome.

Change variables at will. Simulate Scenarios to immediately understand exactly how each of your choices will directly impact your future, without risking your valuable time, energy, and money.

Optix: DQI™

DQI™ (Data Quality Index) is a dynamic quantified account of the billions of aggregated, moving data points that we use to power our forecast models. Data Science is an intensive and involved process. Securing clean, meaningful data requires us to roll up our sleeves, and put in long hours of work.

We consider Quality Control as one of our key touchstones, and we have developed proprietary methodologies to measure, pull, and process our data — while using DQI™ to ensure the highest levels of accuracy. In a complex system of seemingly chaotic variables, DQI™ enables us to properly see the forest for the trees by precisely identifying definitive, branching causal relationships leading to assured, consistent results.

Vertical Markets

Optix Group technology has deep application across:


Whether you're a fresh grad or a seasoned expert, you are welcome to apply for a position with us. We are always on the lookout for brilliant new people to join our talented team. Our ideal teammate is someone who demands excellence from themselves in the service of others. We embrace those who wish to build something truly great; who want to create innovative unique technology; and who value integrity and are keen to make a positive impact on the lives of all those around them.

Note: People who work at Optix Group are affectionately called OGs.

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